Corporate gifts : how to please while remaining responsible?

Expectations towards companies have evolved. Today, transparency, social responsibility, and environmental engagement are anticipated. In this era of social consciousness, corporate gifts are scrutinized for their ecological and social impact, pushing companies to rethink their approach.

This change goes well beyond current trends. It redefines the role of corporate gifts, integrating them into the core strategy of businesses.

This article explores these changes, the encountered challenges, strategies for responsible gifts, inspiring examples, and advice for sustainable gifts.

The Role of Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are no longer mere promotional accessories; they now hold a central place in a company's overall strategy. 

They act as ambassadors, conveying the brand's values and ethos. 

When a company offers them, it's an opportunity to strengthen ties with everyone, be it clients, employees, or partners.

The impact on brand image is considerable. 

A thoughtfully chosen corporate gift that aligns with the brand's values can convey a powerful message. It creates a positive perception, reinforcing the company's reputation as a socially engaged and environmentally conscious entity.

Another advantage is the reinforcement of a sense of belonging among recipients, thereby increasing loyalty to the brand.

Responsible Corporate Gifts

Here's the part you're likely most interested in: a list of corporate gift ideas:

  • Kits for a sustainable lifestyle
    • Organic gardening kits to encourage home cultivation with organic seeds, kitchen herb pots, and included instructions. 
    • Skincare product kits (face and body) made from natural ingredients.

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  • Eco-responsible and educational experiences
    • Gift cards for sustainable activities like cooking classes, eco-tourist hikes, or recycling workshops. 
    • Subscriptions to educational sustainability content platforms.

  • Kitchen kits

  • Natural well-being gifts
  • Symbolic ecological commitment
    • Symbolic adoptions of animal species or contributions to reforestation projects in the name of the individual or the company.

To prevent your employees from ending up with a collection of 15 water bottles or 3 keychains, why not give them a choice? 

This will avoid accumulating unnecessary items. 😊

The Future of Responsible Corporate Gifts

In the near future, corporate gifts are poised to evolve towards an even more sustainable and ethical approach. 

They will lean more towards intangible gifts, such as experiences or services, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Transparency will become crucial in the supply chain of future corporate gifts

Companies will need to provide more detailed accounts of the origin and manufacturing process of their gifts to strengthen consumer trust.

These perspectives offer insights into the expected developments in the field of corporate gifts, highlighting a shift towards sustainability, ethics, and transparency to shape the landscape of future corporate gifts.

In summary, sustainable gifts bolster employees' trust, cultivate a sense of belonging and loyalty. They feel valued and are motivated to further invest in a company that shares their values. 

And you, do you know what you're going to offer your employees? 🎁

Alicia Zambrano Braun 14 December 2023
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