Embroidery vs. Screen Printing: which technique to choose?

When considering customizing clothing, promotional items, or even bespoke gifts, two crucial questions arise. The first concerns the budget, and the second revolves around the dilemma between embroidery and screen printing.

Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the final decision primarily depends on the nature of your project and your budget constraints.

In this article, we'll delve into the specifics of embroidery and screen printing to shed light on your decision-making process. 


Customizing clothing through embroidery involves using machines to automatically sew patterns using colored threads. 

This method ensures durable and high-quality customization, although it can be more expensive.


  • Durability: Securely stitched threads ensure resistance to frequent washes, thereby ensuring the longevity of your personalized clothing.
  • High-end appearance: Providing crisp details and rich colors, embroidery gives your logo or text an elegant and professional display.
  • Versatility: From caps to jackets to polo shirts, embroidery adapts to a variety of items to meet your customization needs.


  • Cost: Especially for logos containing a large number of stitches, embroidery can be more expensive due to the required time.

    For instance, if you want to personalize 50 Roller model sweatshirts with embroidery on the chest, it would cost you €26.93 excluding taxes per sweatshirt.
    • Embroidery cost: €5.20 per piece 
    • Fixed fee: €50 (logo digitization) 
    • Garment price: €20.63 per sweatshirt

If you want to embroider Rocker t-shirts for an order of 100 pieces, one t-shirt will cost you €11.55 excluding taxes (this is an average price). 

The final price is determined by elements such as the size and number of colors in the logo, the shirt's shades...

    • Embroidery cost: €4.90 per piece 
    • Fixed fee: €55 (logo digitization) 
    • Piece price: €6.10 per t-shirt
  • Limitation of complex designs: Fine details of complex patterns can sometimes be lost in the embroidery process. For instance, overly small typography might not be visible in embroidery.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique using screens to transfer ink onto a surface. 

It involves using a screen with impermeable areas to create a pattern: ink is pressed through this screen to print the design on the material. 

It’s a precise method suitable for colorful and detailed designs on various supports like clothing or posters.


  • Affordability: Screen printing, especially for large orders, offers competitive rates due to fast machines and less complicated preparation.

    For instance, for 50 Roller model sweatshirts, the cost per sweatshirt is €23.86 excluding taxes. For an order of 100 personalized Rocker t-shirts, the price per shirt is €8.23 excluding taxes. 

    This is an average price, and like embroidery, the final cost depends on the logo size and shirt color.

  • Here's a breakdown of the different costs:

    • Printing cost: €2.30 per sweatshirt and €1.43 per t-shirt 
    • Fixed price: €70 (frame and film) 
    • Garment price: €20.63 per sweatshirt and €6.10 per t-shirt

    Compared to embroidery, this represents a reduction of €3.07 per sweatshirt and €3.32 per t-shirt."

  • Suitability for complex designs: If you have a more intricate logo, screen printing is better suited as details are more easily preserved.

  • Lightweight: The print doesn’t add significant weight to the fabric, ideal for light clothing and larger designs.


  • Less durable: Prints may fade or chip after numerous washes, being less wear-resistant than embroidery.
  • Fabric limitations: Some materials absorb ink better than others, affecting the final appearance. For instance, printing on fabrics like down jackets or sherpa might not be recommended; these garments can only be personalized through embroidery.

In summary, if you seek durability, a high-end appearance for your designs, and a polished finish, embroidery is the solution for you. It’s perfect for uniforms, luxury items, and workwear.

For a project with a slightly tighter budget, screen printing is an economical option for large volumes and complex designs. It works well for promotional events and personalized t-shirts.

The choice between embroidery and screen printing will depend on your specific needs, budget, and the aesthetic you aim to achieve. 

If you're still undecided between these two techniques, feel free to contact us for assistance in realizing your project.
Alicia Zambrano Braun 4 December 2023
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